ICOM Acupuncture Clinic in East Grinstead is part of the International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM). We have a highly experienced team of skilled Acupuncture practitioners in our clinic.

In addition to Acupuncture, we offer a range of other services at our clinic including Chinese Herbal Medicine, Osteopathy, Sports Massage Therapy, Counselling & Psychotherapy as well as Exercise & Health Coaching. 

All of the practitioners in our clinic are members of a professional body and fully insured. The Acupuncturists who practice from our clinic are all graduates of our prestigious BAAB-Accredited Acupuncture training college, established in 1972.

ICOM has been at our current site on Green Hedges Avenue (in between Aldi and East Grinstead Tyre service) since 1976 and and is the UK’s oldest Acupuncture training college. A registered charity, part of our mission is to make high quality Acupuncture treatment accessible to everyone in the community.

The front of the International College of Oriental Medicine in East Grinstead. An old 18th century cottage with front garden and trees.


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture treats the whole person – body and mind. It is aimed at treating the root cause of a condition as well as the main symptoms. Acupuncture can be effective treatment for a range of conditions and you can also have Acupuncture treatment as a measure to prevent illness, helping to maintain good health or to improve your mental health and  sense of well-being.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs can be taken as a standalone or alongside Acupuncture or massage treatment. We avoid using modern formulas or formulas containing animal products or endangered species.



A safe and natural approach to healthcare that aims to improve the body’s biomechanical function, mobility, and overall health. It is a hands-on therapy that focuses on the musculoskeletal system and the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports and Remedial massage is an amalgamation of hands on techniques drawn from Massage, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. The aim is to choose techniques that promote tissue health when pain or discomfort is felt.


Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling helps to resolve negative ways of thinking, looking to build upon a person’s existing resources. Psychotherapy works at a deeper level, helping us to make new sense of old experiences and change past decisions which are having a negative effect on the present.



We offer massage in conjunction with Acupuncture and also as a standalone treatment. Types of massage available are tuina, aromatherapy and sports and remedial massage.

Opening Hours

Our friendly team of clinic reception staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can contact them by email or telephone 01342 313106

Monday to Saturday
9am – 5pm
Tuesday & Thursday
9am – 9pm
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Why People Choose Us


Our reputation

ICOM Clinic has been serving the people of East Grinstead for 50 years. Our Acupuncture training college is renowned worldwide for its rigorous and in-depth education. All of the Acupuncture practitioners at our clinic were trained by us.


Our ethos

ICOM is a registered charity. Part of our mission is to make Acupuncture treatment available to everyone in the community. We do this through our low-cost student clinics and our ICommunity multibed clinics, all with the same high standards.


A warm welcome

ICOM is a warm and friendly clinic and college. We pride ourselves on the welcome you receive when you visit. Our patients always come first.


The highest standards

You can feel safe that our Acupuncturists belong to an accredited register, regulated and approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health & Social Care (PSA). The PSA protects the public by overseeing the regulation and registration of healthcare professionals.


I had a very pleasant session. It was my first experience of Acupuncture. The student was professional and made me very comfortable. I hope for good results, I will do a few more sessions and I am confident I will get better. 
Paula D.
I visited the student clinic and throughly enjoyed my treatment. The student was friendly, professional and listened so that she could understand the right treatment.  
M. Myers
Exceptional. I felt safe, my input was valued and part of the treatment and most importantly, I see a difference in my physical and mental health after treatment sessions. I learned a lot about my health and Chinese medicine, too. I’m very grateful for this service and will be recommending it wholeheartedly to others. Thank you so much! 
Michela N.

Senior Acupuncturists

Tom Ings

Tom’s strong interest is in the psychology of Chinese medicine, in its potential to help patients live more freely and more wisely. It is increasingly evident that our state of mind is of paramount importance to our sense of well-being.

Elio Basagni

Elio believes that Acupuncture can be the answer to the crisis affecting all evolved health systems globally: a medicine that puts patients at the centre of the clinical stage again, treating them as individuals and guiding them towards taking responsibility for their own health needs.

Sarah Major

Sarah has gained a reputation for treating couples experiencing problems in conceiving naturally, as well as supporting IVF treatment. She is experienced in working with patients’ physical issues as well as nutritional, muscular, psychological and emotional health. Sarah also specialises in Facial Acupuncture including Micro Needle Therapy (MNT).

Galit Hughes

Galit specialises in Acupuncture for fertility and was trained with Zita West in London. She works with women in all different stages of life: supporting them from a young age to balance their hormones; later on to improve fertility and support them during pregnancy, birth and afterbirth care; as well as with menopausal symptoms later on.

Tony Todd

Tony Todd has been practising Acupuncture since 2000. He also practises Chinese herbal medicine and Shiatsu and is a senior lecturer at the college. He is influenced by a wide range of traditions, particularly Japanese style channel based acupuncture, and Shanghan based herbal formulas.

Kirsten Germann

Kirsten works with a broad range of conditions: allergies, asthma, migraines, hormonal disturbances, depression, cravings, addictions, muscular injuries and pain, chronic conditions like arthritis, MS, paralysis, nerve related pain and the after effects of stroke.

Suzi Broad

Suzi has a particular interest in women’s health and the support that Acupuncture can give, both emotionally and physically. She is passionate about a holistic approach to health and the power of Acupuncture to treat a broad range of conditions.

Ivan Peron

Ivan treats a wide variety of pathologies, syndromes and complications and has considerable experience in treating people affected by Multiple Sclerosis. He has successfully helped both men and women to become fertile and to conceive.

Ping Ho

Ping often combines various therapies such as tui na massage, cupping, moxibustion, acupressure, gua sha etc., with or without needles, in treatments to achieve better therapeutic results.


Madina Palmos

Madi is passionate about holistic medicine and personal growth. She is an Acupuncturist, Herbal Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Counsellor and has also worked as a Western Medical Doctor.

Harry Freedman

It is of great importance to Harry to live life in accordance with the principles of Chinese philosophy, taking heed of the seasons and the qualities they bring to our lives. Living in this way has guided him to greater well-being and provided him with the tools to assist others in finding theirs.

Gillian Hamann

Gillie sees acupuncture as complementary rather than alternative medicine and takes an active interest in conventional medical understandings of ill health.

Laima Kvedaravičienė

Laima has a particular interest in women’s health (menstruation issues, infertility, menopausal symptoms) as well as depression, anxiety and stress relief.

Other Therapists

Hayley Cockshott

Hayley Cockshott is ICOM’s resident Osteopath. She takes an holistic approach using a broad range of hands-on osteopathic treatments (cranial, joint articulation, soft tissue, joint manipulation, lymphatic drainage) to assist the patient through the body’s adaptive and healing processes.

Chris Newton

Chris is passionate about empowering people to improve their physical health and reduce pain that may be limiting their life. He does this through “hands on” treatment, pain education and lifestyle & exercise guidance.

Juliette Willett

Juliette’s aim is to provide you with an environment that is safe, non-judgemental and secure. She offers you the opportunity to speak freely, feel heard and make positive changes. 

Our Receptionists

Tracy Trueman

Clinic Receptionist

Mel Rogers

Clinic Receptionist


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